Why Builders should consider a digital handover

Builders go digital

Why Builders are moving to automated customer care

Proptech (or property technology) is booming with new smart home gadgets like Google home and Alexa are becoming commonplace in the home. The smart home of the future is getting closer to reality every day.

As well as hardware products, consumers today are demanding digital solutions for their houses to match their digitally mobile lifestyle. Back in the day, like 10 years or so, paper was massive and would be the go-to for all documentation. 

Times have changed though.


Traditionally, home builders have relied on a handover pack that consists of a folder, USB stick or email attachment to deliver the handover documents to the new owner. Nowadays this clashes with the expectations of a tech-savvy customer who uses their mobile phone to manage their work and personal life.

This move to digital, coupled with the ever-evolving internet, has brought with it many opportunities to update this process. We now have all this software that can help homeowners, builders, inspectors, and developers create, transfer, and keep their documents online.

The builder gets the most out of this when it comes to handovers, which can be one of the most painful experiences in property development. The transfer of the property from the builder to the homeowner can be full of pitfalls. Lost documents, in particular, can draw out the process and can lead to unhappy homeowners.

This is where a digital handover process comes in to help ease the process.

Customer Service

The first thing digital handover can help the builder with is customer success. With property specific information and access to approvals, plans, warranties, among others, the owner will feel more connected with the process overall. This leads to high success rates with each and every owner.

As we said, losing documents during this process can put a large strain on the builder, and their clients. This also lengthens the time it may take for the process to be completed.

Document Tracking

The next thing that a digital handover can help with document tracking. As we mentioned above, having your documents kept digitally will decrease the chance of losing them. It’s easy to see why you could lose them, you have approvals, plans, warranties, photos, policies, manuals and any other records pertaining to the property.

Keeping these documents safe and secure in an online capacity means no searching for physical copies. The added benefit is you can also keep track of what is the newest versions of your documents. Neither side, builder and homeowner, want to end up with an older version and making decisions based on it. 

After Care

One of the most important parts of digital handovers is what happens after. Every builder wants to make sure they are making their client smile. How they do this is the little extras they may give to them. The guides, the tips and tricks, local contacts to other property professionals they trust. 

If the homeowner feels like their builder went above and beyond, they’re more likely to tell their friends about them.

In the end…

Digital property handovers are an afterthought of the handover process when you give the keys to the homeowner. They want the keys to their new house, but they need the documents. Not only do they need the keys, but they also need those property documents to help them maintain their property now and into the future.

At inndox, our goal is to make it easier for builders to make their clients smile. We’re here to take care of your documentation storage, so you can easily give them over to your client at the touch of a button. 

If you want to know more about how we can help builders, you can contact us here.

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