How often do I need to paint my property?

An important part of maintenance of your property is the paintwork. Every year you should check the condition of the exterior paintwork and every two years check the internal condition. . Most buildings need repainting every 20 years or so. Paint protects the building component that it covers. Unpainted materials or peeling paint cause surfaces to weather and deteriorate which leads to a shorter life span of the material. The cost to repaint a building can be significant. To paint an average-sized, two-storey, timber home inside and out could easily cost $30,000 or more.

Buildings built before 1970 are at risk of having lead present in the paint. Lead is known to be toxic if ingested, eaten or breathed into the lungs. Care must be taken when sanding back lead paint as ingestion can cause lead poisoning.

If the house is more than a single storey, scaffolding may be required to repaint the property. The necessity for scaffolding can add significantly to the cost of repainting.

Poor quality paint jobs are common because many property owners try and DIY the painting. An amateur paint job can reduce the overall quality of the property. There are usually other instances of poor workmanship if the painting is below standard.

It is worth noting that your building inspector is not required to report on the condition of interior paintwork, although I would say that most would.

To maintain your property its best that you regularly clean the internal and exterior as this prolongs the life of the paintwork. This is especially important for buildings near the sea or located close to the city where pollution from vehicle exhausts can leave a fine layer of toxic dust on the building.

Keep paint colour details and Painter contact details in your inndox to make it easier for future touch ups and repaints.