Email to inndox feature: Auto-inndox

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How to set contacts to email documents directly to inndox

inndox offers a handy way for your solicitor, accountant, agent, builder or anyone to be able to email important property documents directly to your inndox! 

Step 1. Go to the “Emails” section on your dashboard, select the View All button 

Step 2. Click/tap on green Create email address button

Step 3. Enter in Topic to easily identify those email documents e.g. legals, or plumbing

Step 4. Assign a folder name e.g. “Plumber info” (create a folder if not there - select Add folder)

Step 5. Select Add Auto-inndox button

Step 6. Go to the relevant email address in the list displayed, select the green action button on the right 

Step 7. Select Notify contact  (this will send an email to the contact to notify them of the new email address to use for further correspondence).

Step 8. Select Choose a contact (if not there, select Or add new contact).

Step 9. Enter a message for that contact e.g. “Please use this email address for all plumbing info” 

Step 10. Select send button

The contact will instantly receive an email from inndox notifying them of the new email address to be used.

Every time the contact uses that email address, a confirmation email will be issued.

So now whenever your contact (say your plumber, Tom Smith) sends you an email using this email address, those emails will automatically display on your dashboard and all the attached documents (e.g. plumbing plans) will automatically upload into the relevant folder (e.g. Plumber info folder)!

No more lost email attachments or searching through old emails for documents when you need them. Now they can be automatically uploaded and filed to your inndox as the emails come in!

Contacts that could use the revolutionary “Email to inndox” feature:

  • Builder

  • Property Developer

  • Solicitor

  • Accountant

  • Trades people

  • Architect

  • Interior Designer

  • Property Manager

  • Strata / Building Manager

  • Real Estate Agents

  • Insurer