inndox helps you maintain your biggest asset


How do I set Maintenance Reminders

inndox has a property maintenance feature to help you care for your property.

Step 1. Go to the Maintenance Reminders section on your inndox dashboard

Step 2. Select the View all button

Step 3. Click on Add maintenance button

Step 4. Enter in the details: Title, Due Date, select if Recurring & End date, if additional person for reminder, Who it is scheduled for & add any notes

Step 5. Finally click on Add maintenance item 

Your important maintenance reminder is now scheduled and you will receive alerts from your inndox app, 2 weeks in advance.

Examples of some typical maintenance checks:

  • Annual Termite inspections

  • Annual Pest Sprays

  • 6 monthly gutter cleaning

  • Annual Smoke Alarm battery replacement

  • Annual air-conditioning service

  • 6 monthly window cleaning

  • Monthly garden maintenance

  • Annual timber deck re-coating

  • 5 yearly hot water system valve replacement

  • Annual water tank service

  • Annual water filter replacement

  • Annual pressure wash of pavers, driveways

  • Fortnightly pool checks and cleaning

  • Annual pool equipment inspection

  • Annual carpet cleaning

  • Annual curtain & blind cleaning

Here are some consequences for not caring for your property:

***spending thousands of dollars on repairs such as structural integrity issues (a result of not having your property's timber decking recoated)

***potential fire hazard or drainage issues by not having your guttering cleaned on an annual basis

***termite infestation due to unexpected termite invasion by not having annual termite inspections 

By using inndox to manage all of these important tasks, you will feel more relaxed.

For example, you will have peace of mind that your painter gets notified two weeks in advance when the timber decks need re-coating, your plumber will be notified two weeks before the water tanks, hot water system and refrigerator filter services are due, the air-conditioning technician gets advance notification that you want your air conditioning units serviced, and the window cleaner gets notice that your windows need cleaning. 

No more diarising or simply forgetting. You can become a paper-less and care-free property owner.