What documents a Builder should give to a client at handover.

Handover documents?

What documents a Builder should give to a client

Professional Builders know that the days of leaving a few manuals and the garage remote in the kitchen drawer are long gone.  Customers today expect a better experience.

Here is a list of items that could be included.  What is included will depend upon the type of building and inclusions.

  1. Building Contract

  2. Approvals and Permits

  3. Final Certificates

  4. Manuals (Appliances etc)

  5. Maintenance information

  6. Warranties

  7. Plans

  8. Finishes Schedule e.g. Details of paint, tiles, carpets etc

  9. Product information

  10. Trade contacts

You should also get at least two sets of keys to locks (doors and windows), alarm codes, remotes controls.

This list is not exhaustive but does give an idea about the sort of documents and items that should be provided.

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