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Handover a property to your customers in minutes. Yes, it’s that easy!


Why inndox?


Get a professional edge on your business

inndox is an online platform that let’s you provide property owners with an easy app to access and manage the records of their property. 


Reduce your admin time

inndox gives your customers the power of self service so you can spend more time on your jobs and less time in the office.


Use the latest tech for competitive advantage

Ongoing maintenance & warranty alerts for Owners


Reduce liability risks and manage compliance

Stay in touch with marketing and referral opportunities  


How it works for your customers


• You upload property files to inndox and set up their property.

• Invite your customers to join

• They’ll get access to their handover documents via their dashboard, accessible on any device.

• They can share files with their property manager and other professionals.

• They have the ability to add more documents and photos

• They can add to their handy trade contacts list & easily schedule maintenance

• They can view and add to their warranty expiry date alerts

• They can transfer their logbook to the next owner


Partnerships welcome

inndox wants to make property record management easy and we're looking to partner with insurance companies, building associations, property professional associations, local government associations, state government bodies, strata software companies & property management and project management software companies.

Get in touch with us to ensure yours is connected.

“At Christmas time last year I had a project finishing. It was a development of four large 3 storey townhomes, the spec was high-end with a lot of custom built inclusions. There was a lot of extra paperwork for special consents and variations. Handovers have always been a time-consuming chore so we were keen to give inndox a try.

The handover took a matter of minutes instead of a full week and the feedback from the owners was very positive. We’ll be using inndox on our next project and happy to recommend it to other developers.”

— D. Flett, Foresight Property Group

Make your handover process seamless.

Set up an inndox logbook for your client, today.

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Builder Handover Guide

If you would like our free guide to builder handover then send us a request .