Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

+ How much does inndox cost?

For a Builder it costs just $49 Australian Dollars (AUD) per Property for a Builder to handover an inndox. Then after 12 months free access, the property owner pays just $2 AUD per month or $24 AUD p/a.

For a residential property owner it costs just $2 per month Australian Dollars (AUD) per Property or $24 per annum.

You can have multiple properties. Each additional property also costs $2 AUD per month or $24 AUD p/a.

For Commercial property, Building Managers, Owner Committees inndox costs just $29 Australian Dollars (AUD) p/a.

+ Why inndox?

inndox is a digital logbook for property that empowers property owners by giving them control of their property records and maintenance.

This logbook can be transferred to the new owner when the property is sold.

+ What is a logbook?

A logbook is a what we at Inndox call a digital record of the property.

+ Are my records confidential?

Very safe. We have bank level encryption and your records are kept secure on Microsoft cloud servers.

The same ones used by Governments and Fortune 500 companies around the world.

+ inndox reviews?

Inndox has 5 star ratings on Google! If you are using inndox and would like to leave a review please do so!

If your review is less than 5 stars, please let us know before you post so we have a chance to make it right. Thanks!
Just leave your feedback right here on the chat-bot and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.



+ What if I need to Handover multiple properties (e.g.100 apartments) is there an easy way?

Yes! inndox has Cloning that allows you to 'copy' a logbook. Once copied, simply change only the address and any other unique details and save the logbook.

+ What should be included in a Handover?

Professional Builders know that the days of leaving a few manuals and the garage remote in the kitchen drawer are long gone. Customers today expect a better experience.

Here is a list of items that could be included. What is included will depend upon the type of building and inclusions.

  • Building Contract
  • Approvals and Permits
  • Final Certificates
  • Manuals (Appliances etc)
  • Maintenance information
  • Warranties
  • Plans
  • Finishes Schedule e.g. Details of paint, tiles, carpets etc
  • Product information
  • Trade contacts
  • You should also get at least two sets of keys to locks (doors and windows), alarm codes, remotes controls.

This list is not exhaustive but does give an idea about the sort of documents and items that should be provided.

If you have any questions email us and we are happy to help

+ Does inndox work with Master Builders eDocs platform?

Yes, inndox works with Master Builders eDocs!

Save your handover files into a folder. For a guide to this check out our Blog Post “What documents to include in a Builder Handover”.

Go to inndox, register or login.

Create a property

Zip that folder and drop into Inndox.

Your done!

If your'e a regular eDocs user and would like inndox to have an API with E-Docs to automatically pull out the files you need - send us a request



+ I am a homeowner and want an inndox logbook, how can I get one?

At the moment you can only get an inndox logbook if you get one from your Builder. We plan on making Inndox available to Owners in the near future.

UPDATE: we're right now take sign ups for a planned BETA test of our owners portal. Sign-up here.

+ What is the Owner Dashboard?

This is what the Owner sees when they log in to inndox. It can store files like Plans, Photos, Videos. It can manage Warranties.

+ How does an Owner share inndox with someone?

Easy. Just click 'Share' on the 'Owner Dashboard' and fill in the name and email of the person you want to share access to your inndox Logbook.

E.g. Share inndox with your Property Manager so they can upload files like: lease agreements, entry condition reports, maintenance receipts, exit reports, contacts, handover files from the builder and more.

+ How does inndox transfer to the next owner?

When the property is sold the seller can transfer the property to the new owner. The function is found on the Owner dashboard.

+ I am a homeowner and want an inndox logbook, how can I get one?

At the moment you can only get an inndox logbook if you get one from your Builder. We plan on making inndox available to Owners in the near future.

+ I'm selling my property. Can I show inndox to a buyer?

Sure. Just share inndox with your Real estate agent.

Just contact us at and we can send you an updated link.

+ My Builder gave me an inndox but I'm not sure that I want to pay $2 per month to manage my property records and maintenance. What are my options?

An owner has free access to inndox for the first 12 months to give it a trial. If you like inndox you will be invited to sign up for a discounted subscription of only $2 per month. Alternatively you can let your access lapse and reactivate your account in the future.

+ How can I set up Warranty Expiry Reminders?

inndox has a Warranty Expiry feature to help you maintain your building materials, products & appliances.

Step 1. Go to the warranty document on your dashboard (in Folder or find relevant file)

Step 2. Click /tap on "Warranty reminders"

Step 3. Enter the expiry date into the calendar

Step 4. Click / tap the Set Warranty button

Your warranty expiry date is now recorded against the warranty document.

For convenience - the expiry dates are colour coded so that you can instantly know where your warranty is at.

GREEN means still in warranty

AMBER means expiring soon

RED means out of warranty

Your dashboard will display the next 3 warranty expiry dates so that you can always be up to date.

Examples of some common warranties for your property:

  • Air-conditioning units

  • Dishwasher

  • Oven

  • Refrigerator

  • Washing Machine

  • Termite Warranty

  • Building Defect Warranty

  • Building Structure Warranty

  • Hot Water System

  • Furniture

  • Appliances

  • Building products / materials

+ How can I set up Maintenance Reminders?

inndox has a property maintenance feature to help you care for your property.

Step 1. Click/tap on "Maintenance Reminders" on your inndox dashboard at the top right

Step 2. Enter in the details: Title, Due Date, select if Recurring & End date, if additional person for reminder, Who it is scheduled for & add any notes

Step 3. Finally click on add maintenance item

Your important maintenance reminder is now scheduled and you will receive alerts from your inndox app, 2 weeks in advance.

Examples of some typical maintenance checks:

  • Annual Termite inspections

  • Annual Pest Sprays

  • 6 monthly gutter cleaning

  • Annual Smoke Alarm battery replacement

  • Annual air-conditioning service

  • 6 monthly window cleaning

  • Monthly garden maintenance

  • Annual timber deck re-coating

  • 5 yearly hot water system valve replacement

  • Annual water tank service

  • Annual water filter replacement

  • Annual pressure wash of pavers, driveways

  • Fortnightly pool checks and cleaning

  • Annual pool equipment inspection

  • Annual carpet cleaning

  • Annual curtain & blind cleaning

Here are some consequences for not caring for your property:

spending thousands of dollars on repairs such as structural integrity issues caused by water leaks potential fire hazard or drainage issues by not having your guttering cleaned on an annual basis *termite infestation due to unexpected termite invasion by not having annual termite inspections

By using inndox to manage all of these important tasks, you will feel more relaxed.

For example, you will have peace of mind that:

  • your painter gets notified two weeks in advance when the timber decks need re-coating,
  • your plumber will be notified two weeks before the water tanks, hot water system and refrigerator filter services are due,
  • the air-conditioning technician gets advance notification that you want your air conditioning units serviced, and
  • the window cleaner gets notice that your windows need cleaning.

No more diarising or simply forgetting. Become a paper-less and care-free property owner.

+ How can I get others to email directly to my inndox?

inndox offers a handy way for your solicitor, accountant, agent, builder or anyone to be able to email important property documents directly to your inndox! We call it auto-inndox.

Step 1. Go to “auto-inndox” at the top of your dashboard, click / tap on the green setup button

Step 2. Click/tap on green “Add email” button

Step 3. Enter in Topic to easily identify those email documents e.g. legals, or plumbing

Step 4. Assign a folder name e.g. “Plumber info” (create a folder if not there - click /tap “Add folder”)

Step 5. Click/tap “Add email” button

Step 6. Go to the relevant email address in the list displayed, click /tap the green action button on the right

Step 7. Click /tap “Notify contact” (this will send an email to the contact to notify them of the new email address to use for further correspondence).

Step 8. Click/tap to choose the contact (if not there, click/tap “New contact”).

Step 9. Enter a message for that contact e.g. “Please use this email address for all plumbing info”

Step 10. Click/tap “send” button

The contact will instantly receive an email from inndox notifying them of the new email address to be used.

Everytime the contact uses that email address, a confirmation email will be issued.

So now whenever your contact (say your plumber, Tom Smith) sends you an email using this email address, those emails will automatically display on your dashboard and all the attached documents (e.g. plumbing plans) will automatically upload into the relevant folder (e.g. Plumber info Folder)!

No more lost email attachments or searching through old emails for documents when you need them. Now they can be automatically uploaded and filed to your inndox as the emails come in!

Examples of contacts that could use “auto-inndox” feature:

  • Builder
  • Property Manager
  • Property Developer
  • Solicitor
  • Building Manager
  • Strata Manager
  • Mortgage Broker
  • Buyers Agent
  • Accountant
  • Trades people
  • Architect
  • Interior Designer
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Insurer

+ Can I create an inndox for my property when I'm selling it?

Here are some exapmples of documents you can upload to inndox.


Any documents of files for the property. Don’t include any personal information like legals or finance:

  • Plans - Architectural, Engineering, Drainage, Electrical, Services

  • Warranties - Appliances, Pest treatments,

  • Manauals - Appliances

  • Certificates - Form 16’s, Form 21’s, Occupancy Certificate, Pest management treatment Certificate

  • Soil test

  • Specifications - From the original build or extension

  • Product information - Carpet, flooring, tiles, pavers etc

  • Approvals and Permits - Building and Planning etc

  • Paint colours - Sometimes there is also a finishes schedule

  • Title - Solicitor should provide this as part of the Conveyancing

CONTACTS Use the inndox contact list

Provide the name, address, email and phone number for handy contacts like:

  • Pool shop

  • Gardener

  • Handyman

  • Painter

  • Electrician

  • Plumber

  • Babysitter

  • Neighbours

  • Local Restaurants / Cafes


Leave a note about some helpful tips like:

  • There is free Yoga in the local park every Saturday at 8:00am

  • Slow down at dusk as there can be Kangaroos on the road

  • There is storage space in the attic

  • There are four goldfish in the garden pond. We feed them fish food once per week.

  • You can get a free resident parking permit from the council


Give keys and garage/gate/lift remotes and security alarm access codes to the Selling agent or direct to the buyer at settlement. Other items below can be left at the property.

  • Remotes - TV, Blinds

  • Spares - Roof tiles, floor tiles, carpet, paint etc

  • Having these items ready for the next owner helps them to get settled quickly.

inndox makes your property very attractive to potential buyers if you provide this to the Sales agent when the property goes on the maket. The agent shres the inndox with potential buyers and they are reassured that the property is safe, compliant and well maintained and that settling in will be a lot easier with all the right information right their on their mobile phone.

Get your residential or commercial property ready for the next owner and maximise its saleability.