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Why inspectors are using inndox?

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Better Customer Experience

Sending the report to the customer as an email attachment is so 1990’s. Today’s customers expect more features. With inndox they can get a reminder every year about their annual Termite inspection and can manage their home maintenance and warranties. Your details are automatically added to their contact list.

Everything in one place

Property is a valuable asset. Having a management system adds value to the asset. Imagine having all the plans, reports, approvals, paint colours, trade contacts, warranty expiry dates, maintenance manuals centralized. Every time the owner gets an alert they are reminded of your company. Free marketing!

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The logbook transfers to the next owner

When the property is sold, all the files, contacts, etc are transferred to the next owner in less than a minute. So the new owner can easily take over managing their asset. Now the inspector can pick up the new owner as a customer.

How it works for your customers

• Upload the report to inndox as you set up the logbook for the customer. Add your company logo or a picture of the property.

• Add a “Maintenance” reminder of an annual Building or Termite inspection so the customer will remember your company and call you

• Transfer the inndox to your customer in less than a minute

• Your customer has access for 30 days. They download the report for free or they can keep using inndox for only AUD $24 per annum

• They can share the report with their Solicitor and other professionals and have files automatically saved into their inndox logbook.

• They have the ability to add more documents and photos

• They can create a handy trade contacts list & easily schedule maintenance

• They can add warranty expiry date alerts for appliances

• When they sell the property, they can share inndox with the agent and then transfer the logbook to the next owner