Property owners

Stress-free record management, maintenance and due diligence for residential and commercial property.


An easier way to manage your property

No need to keep your records in lever arch folders or attached to emails when you can keep them safe and working for you in inndox. 


Share, store contacts and set reminders

Share property files with your property manager or solicitor, direct from your dashboard.  Have files placed straight into your logbook by sharing access.

Set alerts for warranty expiry dates and maintenance reminders for your servicing, painting and replacements. 

Access your favourite trades whenever you need them like your electrician, plumber or handyman!

Add quotes for your repairs or renovations, and manuals for your new appliances, paperwork from inspections, pest treatments or whenever you receive receipts! 


Make selling a breeze

Give your Real estate agent access to your inndox logbook so they can share relevant information with potential purchasers or tenants. Then after the property has settled, just transfer the inndox logbook to the new owner in minutes.


Your records in one place

You get to keep all records for your property just like a logbook for a car - a valuable asset that inndox can help you protect.


How inndox helps you

• Access anytime anywhere on any device

• View and update your documents, contacts and photos

• Add new files, create an inventory of assets, keep critical documents safe

• Share inndox or just one file with others such as your accountant, solicitor or tenant

• Have your property related emails automatically filed into inndox

• Set up warranty expiry and maintenance alerts to keep your property safe and sound

• Manage trade & supplier contacts

• Give access to your selling agent and new owner when you sell

• 10GB of storage per inndox - Residential

• 1TB of storage per inndox - Commercial


Your property. Organised.

Are you ready for inndox?