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inndox helps Cities, Developers, Builders & Owners manage and maintain their properties for the entire life-cycle - keeping their assets safe and sound.


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inndox logbook keeps you safe and sound

Buying or building a new home or investment can be scary for an owner. So much paperwork, emails and file attachments are collected through the process that pretty soon things get out of control. From contract, through design, build, handover, defects, and moving in, then comes maintenance and selling. Now with an inndox logbook the property owner can manage all of their documents and contacts every step of the way. Owners can also add their own files, have others place files into their logbook, set up warranty and maintenance alerts and learn more about each step from leading industry experts. When the owner is ready to sell, the logbook easily transfers, so the logbook is provided to the next owner and they can get up to speed and start adding to their logbook straight away.

Our customers say inndox even improves the value of the property.

Pete Vella from Vella Builders talks about inndox

Peter is a residential and commercial builder and sometime property developer talks about his experience using inndox.


Easy handover for builders & property owners 

inndox fills the gap between builder software and property owners - the inndox logbook. Builders can use tools such as templates, cloning, warranty alerts, contacts and branding capability to make handover easy and smart. No more folders, USB sticks and email attachments. For owners, they can login to their owner dashboard to easily view, add more files and share their valuable property records, contacts and more.

Just $49 per property for builders and $2 per month for owners. For commercial properties it’s $29 per month.

A better customer experience. Find out how inndox helps builders and property developers


Owners control who sees what

You can invite property professionals such as property managers and solicitors to access, upload and share your inndox logbook. For example you can invite your property manager to upload entry condition reports, maintenance receipts, lease agreements and more. Share with your accountant at tax time so they can view end of year statements and depreciation schedule. At time of sale share with your real estate agent to enable easy due diligence for buyers. Find out more about inndox for owners.


Trusted longterm storage

No need to worry about lost or damaged paperwork due to flood or fire! No need to destroy so many trees for paper files! Having your property documents safely stored with inndox gives you peace of mind and reduces waste. We have partnered with Microsoft Azure for your security. Your data is safe and private. See our plain english privacy policy for full details.


What our customers say


“At Christmas time last year I had a project finishing. It was a development of four large 3 storey townhomes, the spec was high-end with a lot of custom built inclusions. There was a lot of extra paperwork for special consents and variations. Handovers have always been a time-consuming chore so we were keen to give inndox a try.

The handover took a matter of minutes instead of a full week and the feedback from the owners was very positive. We’ll be using inndox on our next project and happy to recommend it to other developers.”

— D. Flett, Foresight Property Group


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