Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Why Inndox?

A. Inndox is a digital logbook for property that empowers property owners by giving them control of their property records and maintenance. This logbook can be transferred to the new owner when the property is sold.

Q2. How does Inndox transfer to the next owner.

A. When the property is sold the seller can transfer the property to the new owner. The function is found on the Owner dashboard.

Q3. What is a logbook?

A. A logbook is a what we at Inndox call a digital record of the property.

Q4. What is the Owner Dashboard?

A. This is what the Owner sees when they log in to Inndox.

Q5. Are my records confidential?

A. Yes, we value your privacy and Inndox complies with all relevant privacy laws.

Q6. How safe are my records?

A. Very safe. We have bank level encryption and your records are kept secure on Microsoft cloud servers. The same ones used by Governments and Fortune 500 companies around the world.

Q7. I am a homeowner and want an Inndox logbook, how can I get one?

A. At the moment you can only get an Inndox logbook if you get one from your Builder. We plan on making Inndox available to Owners in the near future.

Q8. What if I need to Handover multiple properties (e.g.100 apartments) is there an easy way?

A. Yes! Inndox has Cloning that allows you to 'copy' a logbook. Once copied, simply change only the address and any other unique details and save the logbook.

Q9. How much is Inndox?

A. Just $49 per Property for a Builder to handover an Inndox. Then after 12 months free access, the property owner pays just $2 per month or $24 p/a to use all the benefits of Inndox.

Q10. I'm selling my property. Can I show Inndox to a buyer?

A. Sure. Just share Inndox with your Real estate agent.

Q11. How do I share Inndox with someone?

A. Easy. Just click 'Share' on the 'Owner Dashboard' and fill in the name and email of the person you want to share access to your Inndox Logbook.

Q12. My Builder has sent me a link to my Inndox logbook but the link has expired. How can I get a new link?

A.  Just contact us at and we can send you an updated link.

Q13. My Builder gave me an Inndox but I'm not sure that I want to pay $2 per month to manage my property records and maintenance. What are my options?

A. An owner has free access to Inndox for the first 12 months to give it a trial. If you like Inndox you will be invited to sign up for a discounted subscription of only $2 per month. Alternatively you can let your access lapse and reactivate your account in the future.

If you have any further inquiries, please feel free to contact us here: